Non-Union Toronto Based Actress

Photo by Bianca Forcier @bvfphotos on Instagram

About Me

Screen Age: 16-25
Height: 5’6”
US Size 6

Special Skills

Valid Passport and New Hampshire Drivers License

Instruments: Bassoon, flute, basic piano, basic marimba

Athletics: Fencing, tumbling, cheerleading, gymnastics, indoor surfing, swimming, soccer, archery, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, basic trapeze, color guard, baton twirling, marching band (flute)

Languages: English, conversational Mandarin Chinese

My Work

Short Films

The Fardy BrothersLeadMandi Maxwell, Kevin Gabel
Melting Away in my MindLeadRyerson University – Evdokiya Mazhurina
Children of MoneyLeadYork University – Hosseini Sylva
AmblersSupportingBianca Chelu, Dominique Smith
When We Meet Again SupportingRyerson University – Megan Laursen
Sceenshot SupportingBedford High School – Emily Pattison
Mock Snickers Commercial LeadBedford High School – Adam Folsom

Feature Films

The ShakedownsLeadBedford High School – Jillian Tokac

Misc. Media

Corporate VideoUpper York Secondary SchoolActorDreaming Studio Ltd.
App Promo VideoeMusicActorTim Sk


MulanBedford Youth Performing CompanyLing
Fiddler on the RoofBedford High SchoolThe Fiddler


Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television Certificate Film Acting Program Andrej Acin2019
Bedford Youth Performing CompanyActing and PerformanceAnn Davison2013

Select Clips from Past Work


Get in Touch

Location: Toronto ON

Social Media

Instagram: @kyra_smithie

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